Non Runners

Non Runners for Saturday 21 October 2017

The nun runners for Saturday’s racing are detailed below. Please note this may not be up to the minute.

Course Time Horse
Ascot 14:00 Tupi
Catterick 13:50 Twelve A
Catterick 13:50 Geesala Brave
Catterick 14:55 Swendab
Catterick 14:55 The Nazca Lines
Catterick 15:30 Udontdodou
Catterick 16:05 Sellingallthetime
Catterick 16:05 Theos Lolly
Catterick 16:40 Portledge
Catterick 17:10 Ghostly Arc
Catterick 17:10
Dream Serenade
Ffos Las 14:10 Cooperess
Ffos Las 14:45 Pronounced
Ffos Las 15:55 King Alfonso
Ffos Las 17:00 Little Windmill
Ffos Las 17:00 Seven Kingdoms
Ffos Las 17:35 Faint Hope
Ffos Las 17:35 Hitchhiker
Market Rasen 13:40 Bridey’s Lettuce
Market Rasen 14:50 Crookstown
Market Rasen 14:50 Green Zone
Market Rasen 15:25 Solway Dandy
Market Rasen 15:25 Red Rising
Stratford 15:00 Sametegal
Stratford 17:45
Hongkong Adventure
Wolverhampton 17:40 Connacht Girl
Wolverhampton 18:15 Powerful Dream
Wolverhampton 19:15 Wajaaha
Wolverhampton 19:15 Rusper
Wolverhampton 20:15 Lucky Ellen

By Robin Scott

Software developer, Robin Scott helps to run the Little Blue Pen website, in order to publish the product of two decades worth of software driven UK & Irish racehorse ratings.

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