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The bookmaker offers listed here are “free bet” offers, which is to say, they are situations in which bookies will offer you some credit to place on bets.

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Mainly Matched Bet / Deposit Match Offers

Usually, these are free matched bet offers, whereby users are encouraged and rewarded for signing up, with a free bet credit either to match the initial deposit, or the first bet, or some variation on this theme.

Check the Terms and Conditions before Depositing

Whenever we list an offer, we try to give you the terms and conditions, and we also try to say in plain English what this actually means.

We may be paid to refer players

You should be aware that we – just like almost anyone else who links to bookmaker offers on the internet – may be compensated for referring customers to bookmakers, but that this does not alter the accuracy of the offers listed here. We allow users to freely rate and review bookmaker offers, which you are encouraged to do if you have used them, to help others to understand how easy it is to actually get hold of the free bets from the bookmakers!

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If you didn’t like an offer, explain why. Help someone else to make a sensible decision. Also, if you found a process easy and it did what it said it would, then pull out your 5 star reviews, too. Reward good behaviour from the bookmakers… we can only hope they’ll try to do it more often 🙂

This service allows anyone to rate and review any free bet offer, so that others may learn which deals are good, and which are duds.