Non Runners

Non Runners for Sunday 22 October 2017

There are several non runners for Sunday 22nd October 2017, which is perhaps no surprise, as the weather has been a little stormy across Britain and Ireland, so, while the horses which are running in October might be expecting some soft-ish going, the ground may be approaching bottomless right now!

Please note this list is correct at 12.40pm on Sunday, but may be subject to changes as post time approaches. It won’t be updated later.

Course Time Horse
Kempton 14:10 City Dreamer
Kempton 15:15 Stuccodor
Leopardstown 15:30 Landshark
Leopardstown 16:00
Song Of Namibia
Leopardstown 17:00 Vastonea
Leopardstown 17:00 El Tren
Leopardstown 17:00 Misty Mountain
Leopardstown 17:30 Presenting Julio
Leopardstown 17:30 Veinard
Leopardstown 17:30 Charmix
Leopardstown 17:30
Veneer Of Charm
Southwell 13:30 Boots And Spurs
Southwell 14:00 Breaking Free
Southwell 14:00
Bed Of Diamonds
Southwell 15:05
Magnus Maximus
Southwell 16:40 Archimedes

By Robin Scott

Software developer, Robin Scott helps to run the Little Blue Pen website, in order to publish the product of two decades worth of software driven UK & Irish racehorse ratings.

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